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Jim Iyke in "Faithfulness" - A New Nollywood USA Film

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Controversial Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke is set to star in Faithfulness, a movie which is the product of a collaboration between Nigeria-based Nollywood and their colleagues in the United States of America.

The production inspired by a true story stars Jim Iyke, Pascal Atuma, Amaka Moghalu, Sana Kanu,Emmanuel Mensah, Ejike Okoye, Florence Ogbebor, Danielle Moore & many others. Written and directed by George U. Kalu, Zodiac Films and True Pictures Production, respectively, the movie is set for premiere within the first quarter of this year.

Movie Synopsis
Three months after his failed relationship, Joshua meets Bisi and within a few months, their relationship blossoms into marriage, with one goal in mind – making babies.

In an effort to bring their desire to fruition, they find a pastor and a church. Devotedly, they attend church and participate in many church activities, frequently visiting their pastor for prayers.

Like an epiphany, Bisi becomes pregnant just three months into their marriage. Songs of praises reach the skies and the sound of dancing shoes clattered all over the floor of the church in celebration. However, their joy is short-lived as Bisi miscarries in the second month of her pregnancy. Rallying, the pastor, the church and friends pray fervently for Bisi and Joshua. Resultantly, they weather their loss.

Bisi ‘takes in’ twice but suffers miscarriages, the worst being the last, for it is ectopic, causing her to lose her fallopian tube. She loses her trust in God and any hope of ever conceiving again. With their marriage set to hit the rocks, friends and family rally once again to save the situation, raising money for the couple to pay for IVF (Invitro- fertilisation).

Expectantly, Bisi conceives for the fourth time and the family is once again happy. Four months later ill-luck strikes again, as she loses the baby. Joshua loses all hope and faith in God, and takes to drinking, staying away from his house for many months.

Bisi, on her part turns her anger on God and remains so for a long time, until her sister, Mercy, wheels her back to God. After a couple of prayer meetings with the pastor and other prayer warriors, she regains her trust and faith in God.

Thanks to God, Bisi re-unites with her estranged husband and becomes pregnant once again (though she hides this from Joshua). Four months later, on Joshua’s birthday, Bisi informs him that she is four months pregnant,but he recieves the news with doubt. However, his doubt fades quickly when he considers the evidence borne by her stomach. Would this be a full term pregnancy? Would she give birth to a baby or babies? God is faithful and He has the answers in his hands.

Jim Iyke In "Faithfulness" – A New Movie

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