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Jim Iyke Biography (Nollywood Star Actor)

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Jim lyke Esomugha was born in Libreville, Gabon to the family of Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Esomugha. Jim Iyke hails from Enugu Agidi village of Anambra state Eastern Nigeria. Read more of Jim Iyke biography below.

Jim Iyke's circumstance of birth can only be livened to other great personalities. As a destiny child, Jim was placed between 7 other sisters making him the only son among other siblings of his father’s household. His early struggle to create a niche for himself was made manifest by his ability to believe and demonstrate his conviction at any given opportunity. After the completion of his primary and secondary school education he proceeded to the University of Jos in furtherance of his educational career. After his youth service, Jim lyke Esomugha relocated to Lagos in search of greener fleece but encountered frustration, setback and challenges; however, his early set back was cushioned by his contact with a Lagos based lawyer Barrister.

Victor Opurum, who having identified the bundle of talent inherent in this enigma, encouraged him to continue the pursue of his dreams. Through sheer hard work, humility and unprecedented preservance, Jim survived all odds, excelled in his chosen career and has since proved to be among the best.

Jim lyke has presently produced two intemational movies called Ebony and Good evening with internationally renowned actress Judy Shekoni and Tangerine Martins. Jim has continued to spread and propagate the ideas of his foundation in his recent 12 country world tour. He desire to give back to the community of which he was a product of is the reason behind setting up this Foundation.

Given his background and the traumatic childhood experience, he believe that there is no greater good than to restore hope, lift up the smile and dreams of our children in dire need. At a tender age, Jim lyke Esomugha has realised purpose in his life and he has chosen no other platform than this foundation to pursue this eternal calling, we therefore urge you to be a partner of our children dreams to restore hope to the needy and humanity.

Jim lyke, Actor, model, businessman and film maker, is the founder, initiator and driving force of Jim lyke Foundation for Children with special Disabilities. Jim lyke is one of Nigerian’s most popular actors with a history of over 100 movies in his film graph in just five years. Renowned for more than acting skills, he is martial arts specialist and is celebrated for pioneering a lot of first in the home video industry. He is the first actor to produce a mainstream big budget movie abroad. As a businessman, Jim has considerable interest in Real Estate and resource management. He is an alumnus of the University of Jos with a degree in philosophy.

In spite of the good looking charming playboy roles that movies seem to cast him in, Jim is a focused and disciplined young man who has allowed his passion for children, their welfare and the greater good of society to be expressed via the vehicle of his foundation.

This brings us to the end of Jim Iyke biography. Below you will find a list of many Nigerian movies Jim Iyke have starred in:


Nollywood Actor (139 titles) 

2010Between Kings and Queens
2009Eyes of the Nun (video) 
2009Eyes of the Nun 2 (video) 
2009Heavy Heart (video) 
2009Heavy Heart 2 (video) 
2009King of Kings (video) 
2009King of Kings 2 (video) 
2009King of Kings 3 (video) 
2009No Man's Land (video) 
2009No Man's Land 2 (video) 
2009Run Away Prince (video) 
2009Run Away Prince 2 (video) 
2008Bad Blood (video) 
2008Bad Blood 2 (video) 
2008Bad Blood 3 (video) 
2008Beyonce & Rihanna (video)
2008Beyonce & Rihanna 2 (video) 
2008Don't Wanna Be a Player (video) 
2008Don't Wanna Be a Player 2 (video) 
2008Excess Money (video) 
2008Excess Money 2 (video) 
2008Holy City (video)
2008Holy City 2 (video)
2008Life Incidence (video) 
2008Life Incidence 2 (video) 
2008Love My Way (video)
2008Love My Way 2 (video)
2008Perfect Temptation 2 (video)
2008Royal Covenant (video) 
2008Royal Covenant 2 (video) 
2008Total Love (video) 
Police officers (as James Iyke)
2007A Better Place (video) 
2007A Better Place 2 (video) 
2007Last Faculty (video) 
2007Last Faculty 2 (video) 
2007Price of Peace (video) 
2007Price of Peace 2 (video) 
2007Show Me Heaven (video) 
2007Show Me Heaven 2 (video) 
2007Show Me Heaven 3 (video) 
2007Silent Whispers (video) 
2007Silent Whispers 2 (video) 
2007Silent Wish (video) 
2007Silent Wish 2 (video) 
2007Strong Men at Work (video)
2007Strong Men at Work 2 (video)
2007Tears of Sacrifice (video) 
2007Tears of Sacrifice 2 (video) 
2007The Faculty (video) 
2007The Faculty 2 (video) 
2007The Weeping Tiger (video) 
2007The Weeping Tiger 2 (video) 
2007Women at Large (video) 
2007Women at Large 2 (video) 
2006Fatal Seduction (video) 
2006Fatal Seduction 2 (video) 
2006Games Men Play (video) 
2006Games Men Play 2 (video) 
2006Games Men Play 3 (video) 
2006Holy Cross (video) 
2006Holy Cross 2 (video) 
2006Jealous Heart (video) 
2006Jealous Heart 2 (video) 
2006Perfect Planner (video) 
2006Perfect Planner 2 (video) 
2006Ultimate Risk (video) 
2006Ultimate Risk 2 (video) 
2005Beyond Passion (video) 
2005Beyond Passion 2 (video) 
2005Diamond Forever (video) 
2005Diamond Forever 2 (video) 
2005Guys on the Line (video) 
2005Guys on the Line 2 (video) 
2005Otelemuye (video) 
2005Otelemuye 2 (video) 
2005Otelemuye 3 (video) 
2005Saving the Crown (video) 
2005Stronghold (video) 
2005Stronghold 2 (video) 
2005Under Arrest (video) 
2005Unexpected Mission (video) 
2005Unexpected Mission 2 (video) 
2004Cry Like Rivers (video) 
2004Deadly Kiss 
2004Deadly Kiss 2 
2004Deep Loss (video) 
2004Deep Loss 2 (video) 
2004Feelings (video) 
2004Goodbye New York (video) 
2004Goodbye New York 2 (video) 
2004Honeymoon Hotel (video) 
2004/IILast Girl Standing (video) 
2004Last Girl Standing 2 (video) 
2004Life in New York (video) 
2004Love from Above (video) 
2004Love from Above 2 (video) 
2004Love & Pride (video) 
2004Love & Pride 2 (video) 
2004Love Temple (video) 
2004Millionaire's Daughter (video) 
2004Millionaire's Daughter 2 (video) 
2004Promise & Fail (video) 
2004Promise & Fail 2 (video) 
2004Promise Me Forever (video) 
2004Promise Me Forever 2 (video) 
2004Ready to Die (video) 
2004Ready to Die 2 (video) 
2004Royal Family (video) 
2004Royal Family 2 (video) 
2004Shattered Illusion (video) 
2004Shattered Illusion 2 (video) 
2004Silent for Life (video) 
2004Silent for Life 2 (video) 
2004Two in Love (video) 
2004Two in Love 2 (video) 
2004Virgins Night Out (video) 
2004Virgins Night Out 2 (video) 
2004We Are One (video) 
2004We Are One 2 (video) 
2003A Night to Remember (video) 
2003Blind Love (video) 
2003Break Up (video) 
2003Break Up 2 (video) 
2003Emotional Tears (video) 
2003Emotional Tears 2 (video) 
2003Extreme Measure (video) 
Dotun Matins
2003Jealous Lovers (video) 
2003Jealous Lovers 2 (video) 
2003Lost Passion (video) 
2003Love You Forever (video) 
2003My Sweet Heart (video) 
2003Rescue (video) 
2003The Intruder (video) 
2003The Intruder 2 (video) 
2003The One I Trust (video) 
2003Unforgetable (video) 
2003Unforgetable 2 (video) 
2002$1: One Dollar (video) 

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