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Hot Topic: Has Tonto Dikeh Sold Herself to The Devil?

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Unarguably one of Nollywood most controversial actress, Tonto Dikeh, who has had a quick rise to fame within a short time in the razzmatazz industry in Nigeria, has thrown herself in the news again, this is according to hot news circulating the web about Tonto Dikeh's new back tattoo.

For this Rivers State born screen beau, who hails from Ikwerre part of the State, swimming in the waters of bad press is not new to her, and as such, she is not concerned about it as she once said that she has grown a very thick skin to whatever anybody writes or says about her.

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This position of hers has made people wonder how a lady of her status would not pay a listening ear to what people have been saying about her.

Though some have said that the fact that she was not brought up by her biological mother, who Tonto said died while she was age three, could be the major factor for her nonchalant attitude to life, others have argued that she is not the only person who lost her mother at an early stage in life, so she has no excuse to be controversial.

This time, this lady who almost won the 2006 edition of AMBO Next Movie Star, a reality TV show, is being alleged to have been sold to the devil.

This allegation is coming courtesy of a tattoo picture of Tonto on her back, which she posted on Twitter on October 25. The said picture has generated lots of comments and arguments among fans of this light skinned actress.

A closer look at the controversial photograph reveals a diabolic horn clinched with a set of fingers capping a heart tied with a long hair. This, as argued by the accusers, is a sign of the devil. They believe that only those that worship, or have a connection with or have sold themselves to the devil carry and bear such sign (horn).

The question on the lips of many is; ‘why would this petrol chemical engineer-cum-actress go this far? Why would she associate herself with the devil, when she should have pitched tent with her maker who is God’. Why Tonto why?...many Nollywood fans are questioning.

Written by: Osaremen Ehi James. 


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  • Koye Beckley

    It will be very good if people can leave Tonto Dikeh alone. I don't see any reason why people keep talking about her tattoo but they forget the good jobs she is doing in the Nigeria Entertainment Industry.

  • Williams

    You should understand something. Black People you got a problem and I think it's time to leave people alone enjoy their life. Leave Dikeh alone. Does she owe somebody? The answer is no. So leave alone. Before confirm that she has connection with the devil did u question her? No. So why criticize somebody. T.D is successfull lady and she has achieved what other people never and could never achieve