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Desmond Elliot, Wife, Children, and Denziot Productions (Photo)

Published: by NMN (Staff) Filed under: Exclusives - 10,160 Views

This article act as a spotlight on Desmond Elliot and family, his wife, four children (two sets of twins), and Desmond Elliot's production company (Denziot Productions). Desmond Elliot family photo is also showcased below. 

Desmond Elliot and Family Picture.

Popular Nollywood actor cum director Desmond Elliot is a well known household name in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Married to a lovely wife - their union is blessed with four wonderful children (two set of twins: Desmond, Denzel, Donald and Donna).  

Those who know Desmond Elliot quite well will confirm he is a family man and no matter how busy he is; always have time to spend with his wife and kids. He is an ideal role model.

About Desmond Elliot's wife Vicky. Desmond recently introduced his wife, Vicky, to Nollywood and we gathered that she currently assist Desmond Elliot in managing his movie production company (Denziot Productions).

Vicky who until recently was a banker, has now become a major distributor of Nollywood movies released on DVDs.

Her movie shop is reportedly located on the Island where she sells and distributes Desmond’s films and possibly movies released under Royal Arts Academy where her husband Desmond is a major stakeholder.

Desmond Elliot has co-produced about six or more films including, Guilty Pleasures, Holding Hope, Reloaded and some others. 

In conclusion, Desmond and his wife support each other effortlessly, and what more could be better than running a business together with your other half?

The joy and partnership Desmond Elliot and wife shares in both business and raising their family is noteworthy and the couple have been married for over 9 years. Desmond in a recent interview says he plans to have a total of seven children, concluding that he's a lover of children. Once again, their union is blessed with two sets of twins resulting in 3 boys and 1 girl. Nigeria Movie Network team members congratulate the couple.

Now it's your turn to comment. What do you think of Desmond Elliot as an actor and family man? And can you name one or more of your favorite Desmond Elliot movies?

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  • eric buuri

    my name is eric so many people says that we look alike.Am so much interested in acting,my phone number is 0721467236 if u will to help me!!!

  • Marion

    i just love his talent

  • Gwyneth patrick ofere

    Hmmm Desmond the hand of JEHOVAH is upon u and ur family two set of twins is really JEHOVAH's blessings may ur family remain under his protection Amen

  • Stigar Richman

    Mr.Desmond, you make me to feel so gud because always I dream to have such kind of family, I mean lovely and happy family.keep on carering your wife and children.

  • allegra sant'anna

    J'ai découvert denziot production ce soir après avoir suivi un film ki porte sur la religion ... Mr elliot laisse moi vous dire que chaque fois que je suis vos scène je lis dans vos yeux beaucoup d'humilité et d'innocence vous avez un regard innocent je pe me tromper mais c'est la franchement ce que je pense de vous...

  • allegra sant'anna

    Je passe mon temps à regarder les film nigerian et ghaneens je rêve telmt de me retrouver sur scène un Jr parfois je crée des scènes toute seule et je met devant le miroir à jouer je ve dire à parler tte seul mon entourage pense que je suis folle mercy Johnson et Stéphanie okereke sont mes fans j'aimerais tellement les rencontré un jour j'ai juste besoin juste d'une petite chance

  • allegra sant'anna

    J'ai rencontré un MR un jour à qui j'ai exprimé mon obsessions pour le cinéma il m'a Just Di oui kil m'aidera mais seulement si je deviens son objet sexuel j'ai 27ans Mr et Mme ELLIOT et j'ai besoin de vraiment faire face à la réalité alors je continue de chercher en espérant que kelkun me tende un jour la main. vous demande Just une petite chance

  • allegra sant'anna

    Félicitations à vous Mr et Mme Elliot je suis béninoise passionné du cinéma mais personne n'a encore cru en moi peut être ke vous tomberai sûr mon message un jour et me donnerai une chance ke personne ne m'a jamais donné mon tel :0022966150303 ce serait le plus beau Jour de ma vie

  • allegra sant'anna

    C'est vraiment bien

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