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All Gold Everything: Tonto Dikeh shares photos of her blinged out iPhone and Rolex

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#Nollywood Gist: They say diamond is a girl's best friend, and Tonto Dikeh is no doubt in love with the blinged out lifestyle. The controversial, yet popular, Nollywood actress appears to be living the life of her dreams as she shares photos of her new blinged out iPhone and Rolex watch; Nigeria Movie Network is reporting.

Tonto Dikeh shows off her gold and diamond encrusted iPhone 5

Very soon the NMN Team might just have to publish an article citing 'Nollywood celebrities living a blinged out lifestyle'. Just few days ago, Geneveive Nnaji shared a photo of her blinged out iPhone 5 and now Tonto Dikeh have joined the league by not only going bling on her iPhone but also on an expensive Rolex watch.

Another photo of Tonto Dikeh's gold and diamond iPhone 5

According to Tonto Dikeh, her blinged out iPhone 5 is of a limited Diamond edition. In her own words, "Weekend happiness my new iphone 5S, Diamonds tinz", the Nollywood actress expressed in excitement while kissing her blinged out phone. 

Tonto Dikeh shows off her gold and diamond Rolex watch

"Even more happy days and weekend for me Got my new 18k yellow Gold Rolex with customised Bezel diamond big face by @malivelihood @malivelihood @malivelihood love it thanks BABY, Nice Doing business #gold #Diamond #Rolex #New #port-Harcourt girl" -Tonto Dikeh via Instagram

One thing the Nigeria Movie Network Team find quite funny is that, Tonto Dikeh is not only fascinated by her blinged out iPhone and Rolex watch, but she is also promoting/recommending the service to her fans so they too can follow her lead in living an expensive blinged out lifestyle. 

Genevieve Nnaji gold-diamond iphone 5Genevieve Nnaji did something similar when she received her gold and diamond encrusted iPhone 5 few days. She also (directly or indirectly) recommended her fans to follow her lead in purchasing a blinged out iPhone 5 from the Goldgenie merchant.

One can't help but wonder what some of our Nollywood celebrities think of their fans? Some fans who can't even afford to further their education. Fans who aren't even privileged enough to eat 3-square meals a day. Fans who don't even know if they would have a shelter over their head tomorrow or not.

The only people likely to follow the lead of Tonto Dikeh and Genevieve Nnaji in living a blinged out lifestyle, are other Nigerian and African celebrities in their league - if that is their cup of tea.

Most fans who follow Nollywood actors on various social media sites want to be like them in terms of acting and making a name for themselves through their talent while also reaching out to the less-privileged, and not by following the absurd lavish lifestyles of some Nollywood actresses of today.

Africa needs Nollywood actors and actresses that will use their fame to bring a positive change to our various (Black) societies at large. {A big shoutout to Omotola for her various philanthropic works} 

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-Composed by Ibe Duru for Nigeria Movie Network

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