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Queen Nwokoye laments the height of impostors impersonating her

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Being a celebrity is not all glitz and glamour. With fame comes impostors, who deliberately impersonate and scam unwary people; hereby tarnishing the name celebrities work hard to build. Popular Nollywood Actress Queen Nwokoye is a victim of impersonation, and as such - she recently lamented the height of impostors impersonating her, while also warning her fans to beware; Nigeria Movie Network reports. 

Queen Nwokoye laments at the height of impostors impersonating her

Here's what Queen Nwokoye had to say about all the Impostors creating Facebook profiles and pages in her name:

"Fake fake fake fake Facebook profiles. Jeez. These imposters really mean business. They wait for me to post pictures on Instagram then the take it and post it on Facebook with silly captions. They give out false information .There are more fake profiles. Pls be careful. Don't send money to anyone on my behalf. I am not organizing any Auditions. I am not sending out gifts on Facebook and I will never ask anyone to give me money or gifts. Pls guys be careful. Excluding my fan page. As you can see,I liked the page myself. My main Facebook page is linked to my website" -QueenNwokoye

Below is a screenshot of all the whole Queen Nwokoye fake profiles on Facebook. 

What words do you have for Queen Nwokoye imposters, and are you following the real Queen Nwokoye on social media? Double check to make sure ooo


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