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Omoni Oboli advises barren women to try IVF for pregnancy

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The issue of pregnancy and child bearing was recently discussed when Omoni Oboli met with Uche Jombo-Rodriguez and Ufuoma Ejenobor-McDermott, all of whom are enjoying motherhood, during which Omoni Oboli advised barren women to try IVF for artificial pregnancy. What do you think? Read on, and share your critical thoughts on NMN!

Omoni Oboli advises barren women to try IVF for pregnancy

In a blog post written by Omoni Oboli this month of September, titled 'Best Way to Make Babies'; the popular actress and mother of 3 boys advised barren women to try IVF for pregnancy. In her own words: "If getting pregnant through intercourse is not working, by all means try IVF or whatever your doctor advices."

What is IVF you may be wondering?

IVF, short for In Vitro Fertilization, is the process of fertilization by manually combining an egg and sperm in a laboratory dish, and then transferring the embryo to the uterus.

IVF and infertility drugs have been reported to increase women's susceptibility to breast cancer and other types of cancer. It also comes with various side effects such as hot flushes, feeling down or irritable, constant headache, restlessness, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, pregnancy-related high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, anaemia and heavy bleeding, and several other complications.

Here's Omoni Oboli's controversial story on the 'Best Way to Make Babies':

Yesterday I had a very interesting meeting with two of my sister friends Uche Rodriguez and Ufuoma McDermott. We celebrated the birth of their babies, we spent many hours talking about how to move out beloved Nollywood forward and we also talked about pregnancy, the child birth process and all women go through having babies. In all, we agreed that it’s a joy to have these beautiful kids that God has given us.

You see, there is no ‘wrong’ way to give birth. If you had virginal births, great! If you had to be induced or you had a Ceasarian birth, all good and fine! The most important thing is that the baby came out and baby and mom are fine!

My heart always goes out to women who have difficulties having babies. Some women don’t want kids and that’s ok but for those who do and can’t take in for whatever reason, even though I don’t know that pain first hand, I always ache for them.

I don’t understand why the society still frowns on alternative ways of getting pregnant. I always advice women, if you’ve been married for over a year or two and you are not getting pregnant (assuming you want babies) seek medical help! There’s no point waiting for ten years. If getting pregnant through intercourse is not working, by all means try IVF or whatever your doctor advices. When all else fails, you can always adopt and love that child like you would a child that has your DNA. I’m not saying you shouldn’t pray and believe God for miracles. I always pray for women who want kids that God will meet them at the point of their need. May He answer everyone aching for a baby speedily and may your joy be full!", Omoni Oboli wrote on her blog @ 

What words do you have for Omoni Oboli, and are you in support or against her advise in favor of artificial pregnancy through IVF ?

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  • raphael

    Very brilliant idea.

  • Honeyberry

    This advise is very good

  • anonymous

    True! Very true. IVF. Surrogacy, even Adoption is not a bad idea. Forget the stigmatization and think about what makes you you happy.