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"My wife is my number one critic" -Charles Inojie (Writer/Actor/Director)

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#Nollywood Gist: Charles Inojie, who started out as a Writer/Artistic Director with well over 70 titles to his credit, and over 40 leading roles in very successful movies; has finalized plans to produce his first movies after years of directing and acting. Nigeria Movie Network is gistin' our global Nollywood audience! 

Charles Inojie is in the news lately, the popular comic-drama actor is reportedly getting ready to release his very first movie. This means Charles Inojie can now add the title/expertise of a Producer to his already existing Writer/Artistic Director credits. Here's what he had to say, to that effect: 

“Yes, I am going to try my hands on producing from early next year (i.e., 2015). Discussions have reached top gear with potential sponsors and I do not want to preempt anything at the moment. Let me assure my fans however, that they are in for a great experience.” -Charles Inojie 

Behind every successful man, is a woman. Charles Inojie admits his wife's critical view help shape his success in the movie business. Here's what he had to say, in quote: 

“My wife is my number one critic and she makes it a point of duty to see all my movies as soon as they are released. No doubt I’m a better person now than I ever was.” -Charles Inojie on marriage and success. 

  • Dear Nollywood fans on Nigeria Movie Network, what suggestions do you have for Charles Inojie, as he begins to produce movies? What type of movies would you suggest he produce? 
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  • meriam

    That's going to be a very good film,....charles inojie pls keep it up

  • Robert Bundor

    Story to Chang human through comedy.

  • pantos