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Do you agree with this list of Best 5 Nollywood Actresses of 2014?

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#Nollywood Gist: Who are the best audience to ask about the Best Nollywood Actresses of 2014, if not you; the passionate Nollywood Fans around the world? Recently, a very short list of five Nollywood Actresses purported to be the best this just concluded 2014 year, has sparked some discussions in Nollywood communities online, including on Facebook

On Nigeria Movie Network, we would like to know if you agree with the said list, and also give you the opportunity to suggest your own Best Nollywood Actresses in 2014.  

Charles Novia, a Nollywood film-maker and blogger, recently suggested his own five best Nollywood actresses of the just concluded year as reported by Leadership NG, which consists of Nse Ikpe EtimOnyeka OnwenuOmoni OboliQueen Nwokoye, and Kemi Lala Akindoju

Here are excerpts on what was written by Charles Novia, about each actress that made his list: 

  1. On Nse Ikpe Etim-Sule, "Sule falls in that category of silent but sure actresses whose works speak more than anything else."
  2. On  Onyeka Onwenu, "With a career in music which has spanned over 30 years, Onwenu’s moonlighting to Nollywood seems to have finally found its artistic rewards in HOAYS."  
  3. On Omoni Oboli, "Two movies – Render to Ceaser and Being Mrs Elliott – which featured Omoni Oboli were enough to convince me that she deserves to be on this list. Watching the two movies, I could appreciate various levels of Oboli’s acting abilities." 
  4. On Queen Nwokoye, "Queen Nwokoye is one of such worthy of mention for 2014. Whilst researching a bit more on her movies for 2014, I was authoritatively told that she is presently the most commercial actress in the Asaba movies, ever since Mercy Johnson went on maternity leave, with her movies selling in the millions." 
  5. On Kemi Lala Akindoju, "A lot of readers might not have seen Tunde Kelani’s Dazzling Mirage, a film in which Lala Akindoju plays a young, frail, sickle-cell patient, Funmiwo. I watched the movie at a film festival in November and I was impressed with Lala’s portrayal of the lead character." 


Do you agree with the aforementioned list of Best 5 Nollywood Actresses of 2014? Who else do you think should have made the list, or not be on the list? 

  • If you have an alternative list, which Nollywood Actresses made your list of Best Five Nollywood Actresses

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