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Lion, Goat, and Yam - A Folktale Nigerian Riddle

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Story...story? Story!! Lion, Goat, and Yam, a folktale Nigerian riddle, is trending on Nigeria Movie Network. The riddle has been passed on from generation-to-generation and continues to be expanded to better challenge our aptitude in food protection. Come and test your aptitude, on NMN! 

Let's say in this world, you have 3 Things so important to you, and they are: 

(1) Lion 

(2) Yam 

(3) Goat 

In this Nigerian riddle, you have to travel to a far country with these 3 important things on a very deep ocean, with a Boat. You can only take one of the three things with you across the sea to the other side of the far country. 

Here is the Riddle:

If you carry the Lion and leave the Goat behind. Before you return, the Goat will eat the Yam

If you take the Yam first, and leave the Lion and the Goat behind. The Lion will eat the Goat

Then if you take the Goat across first and leave the Lion and Yam behind, what will you take to the Goat

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  • Oluwatosin

    Nice one ori e pe, click on dis link n smile

  • yoriyori Ross

    Take the goat first and leave the yam and Lion behind. Then go back to pick the yam,when you drop the yam, take the goat back.Then pick the Lion and leave it with the yam. Finally take the goat back.