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Happy birthday to Nollywood funny man, John Okafor! (Born October 17)

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Happy birthday to Nollywood funny man, John Okafor (a.k.a Mr. Ibu), as he adds another year to his prosperous life today (October 17, 2015). Join NMN in wishing the comic actor a very happy birthday and LLNP!

Happy birthday to Nollywood funny man, John Okafor! (Born October 17)

John Okafor was born on 17 October 1960 into a humble family in Ankanu Local Government Area of Enugu State. He attended Community Central School, Eziokpo. He is married with kids and he grew up under the guidance of his grandfather, who is said to be his source of inspiration.

Mr Ibu is one of Nigeria's most talented comic characters in the movie industry. John Okafor in recent times is best known for his humorous acting which is often characterized by stupidity, hilarious imbecility and a sharp disconnection from reality.

Some of John Okafor movies include, Mr Ibu Goes to School, Eminado, Rev. Sis Ibu, Family Man, Sergeant Ibu, Hypertension, British Man, Oga Abuja (Hausa movie), Calabar Connection, The Ghost and the Princess, Nebukadneza, and several other comic African movies.

Mr. Ibu is one of the best comic actors in Nollywood

What words do you have for JOHN OKAFOR on his birthday ?

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    Happy belated birthday

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    nice to meet you and happy birthday to you

  • oguguaonah & friends

    john okafor is a great man and his contributions to Nollywood is of high importance
    from d desk of Ogugua Onah & friends we wish him many prosperous years ahead

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    Your commentLLNPP.

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    HBD dude