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Emem Isong's secret wedding to her Cameroonian husband from Kumba

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#NollywoodNews: Many are not yet aware that Nollywood producer and CEO Royal Arts Academy, Emem Isong, held a secret court wedding over the weekend when she married her Cameroonian husband. All this took place secretly during the Nigerian Independence celebration weekend, Nigeria Movie Network is reporting. 

Photo of Emem Isong and her husband Akama Misodi.

The Nigerian Bulletin website reported that Emem Isong's wedding took place on October 4th 2014, while other sources (Nollywood blogger, Stella Dimokokorkus) reported that the wedding took place on October 3rd, without the presence of any members of her family and close friends. 

Below is how Nigerian Bulletin reported the secret wedding:

"Emem Isong, Nollywood Producer known for touching the lives of so many actresses within the industry has joined the league of married Nigerian women but she broke the hearts of fans when they learnt the wedding secretly held in Cameroon.

Isong, the CEO, Royal Arts Academy had her secret wedding on October 4, 2014 and the ceremony was shrouded in enough secrecy to ensure that a single member of her family was not in attendance.

She was a mother of one before her marriage and Her husband is from Kumba town in Cameroon, and now works with his wife on some of her projects."

Meanwhile, Stella Dimokokorkus revealed the name of Emem Isong's Cameroonian husband is 'Akama Misodi', for those of you who like to know these things.

Below is how blogger Stella Dimokokorkus reported Emem's secret court wedding:

"Nollywood's prolific producer Emem Isong has married her Cameroonian boo on October 3,2014 and I learnt exclusively that the handsome gentleman you behold up there is named Akama Misodi.

The lovebirds have already conducted their court wedding which was very private and has taken their friends and family by surprise. Insiders say the newly married lovebirds are planning a proper wedding ceremony for sometimes in February 2015.

Emem Isong, the CEO of Royal Arts Academy has a son from a failed relationship.

The Nigeria Movie Network team congratulates the couple on their secret union, hoping it lasts a lifetime.


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  • cameroonian

    good job the able producer.Mr Misodi is from a very rich family, because since it concerns cameroon, people will soon start saying he married her bcos of money.Mama enjoy ur marriage.I beg enter out industry too oh..we need your hands in our films.dont just enjoy ur marriage and forget about us.

  • Sheaba Nkwinkeh

    Wow Misodi congrats oo wish u all the best in ur marital life

  • Christina Munge

    Ngubure my brother wishing u and your hearthrob Emem a fulfilled married life. we will b awaiting ur return for our own celebrations in Cameroon. Toutes mes félicitations et beaucoup de bonheur.

  • yellacc

    Congrats bro...mehn didn't see it coming

  • daimond

    JJEESSUUUSSS ! water go sea go enter streets one day oh!stace misodi Akama wey ah sabi?

  • Christina Munge

    K-Town tinz. kumba guy don doam again. Ngubure dear, with you n your hearthrob Emem all the way. But we get for celebrate for Kumba, waiting for your return. Best wishes dear...