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Desmond Elliot finally opens up on using his Yoruba name in Politics

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CELEBRITY GIST — Popular Nollywood Actor - Desmond Elliot, who some say was never really known by his Yoruba name Olusola (Oluwashola), in Nigerian movies; has finally opened up on why he used his Yoruba name in politics. Read what your favourite actor has to say, and share your thoughts on Nigeria Movie Network afterwards.

Desmond Elliot finally opens up on using his Yoruba name in Politics

From gathered reports, when Desmond Elliot came out with Sola as his Yoruba name ahead of the 2015 Lagos State House of Assembly election, it was largely seen as a deliberate move to win sympathy from the electorate. But he carried on and won as a representative of Surulere Constituency. OLUSHOLA RICKETTS met with the actor turned-politician recently at a filmmakers’ forum in Lagos.

Here's what Desmond Elliot had to say about using his Yoruba name to influence people during his political campaign for Surulere I Constituency:

Desmond says, “They wanted to know where the name Olusola came from, but all that is gone now. It was an election to be determined by people in my constituency and those were the people who know me from home. So, I wasn’t really bothered by what people were saying.

I am born of a Yoruba father, my mother is an Igbo, I grew up in the north and my wife is from Akwa Ibom.” The beauty of having a mixed background, he notes, is that it allowed him to appreciate different cultures and see everyone as the same even in our diversity. “It is also helpful in the field of filmmaking and acting that I choose.” -DESMOND ELLIOT 

Desmond Elliot finally opens up on using his Yoruba name in Politics

Desmond's growing up in the northern part of Nigeria perhaps better explains why his Yoruba language appears half-baked and the reason a lot of people didn’t think he is one when he came out publicly to say so.

What words do you have for Desmond Elliot, and how do you think he can improve in his native language, if its true he's not fluent in Yoruba

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