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Chika Ike's Super Woman Dream [Happy New Month!]

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Nollywood star actress, Chika Ike, recently had a Super Woman Dream the night before the start of a new month (July). Join us at Nigeria Movie Network as we discuss how to be a super woman using Chika Ike as an inspirational icon.

Trending on NMN: Chika Ike's Super Woman Dream!

Chika Ike on July 1st, broadcasted the following message via her social media profiles:

"Happy new month Fabs !!! I had a dream that I was super woman , flying all over the place saving people in distress. It felt so good to have super powers!!! Dreams do come true! I believe! .What did you dream of last night?" 

Chika Ike's message or dream so to speak, can be interpreted in so many ways. Knowing who Chika Ike is as an actress, but especially her humanitarian activities, already qualify her as a super woman. So, isn't she already living her (super woman) dream? Nigeria Movie Network asks.

Who is a Super Woman?

A Super Woman in a realistic context, is a phenomenal woman who has strength of character, not necessarily strength of body.

A Super Woman would normally go beyond when helping others, similar to those who stop to help complete strangers at the risk of their own safety or convenience.

A Super Woman does not only dream, but also take action where necessary. She longs for a bigger better life, one that will bring more joy, fulfillment, and sense of purpose.

Apart from the flying part (which is funny, if not comical,) Chika Ike's dream was about saving people in distress. And actually, that is what her non-profit organization (Chika Ike Foundation) is doing, by reaching to people in distress, most especially children.

Using Chika Ike as an inspirational figure with some phenomenal characteristics; any woman who dedicate any amount of time and resources to help others, is a Super Woman; Nigeria Movie Network concludes -- hereby wishing our readers - a super and happy new month!

  • NMN asks: What type of Super Woman are you or do you aspire to be?

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