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#Lifestyle: Chika Ike's love for Ice Cream!

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#Lifestyle: Not hiding her love for Ice Cream, Chika Ike may one day land herself an endorsement deal with an Ice Cream brand! I guess one can say the beautiful actress has a thing for sweet-tasting food, i.e, "sweet tooth"; NMN reports. Check out photos of Chika Ike licking her ice-cream, along with her comment.

#Lifestyle News: NMN reports on...Chika Ike's love for Ice Cream!

Chika Ike yesterday (June 7th) shared new sexy photos of her rocking a slim-fitted lace dress, while enjoying herself or cooling herself to what appears to be vanilla ice-cream in a cone. With such a smile on her face, one can easily tell she's having a great time. 

Here is what the beautiful and talented actress had to say when she shared the above photo via her social media profiles:

"Ice cream always makes me smile...... I just had to indulge today!!!! Sorry fitness, I had to cheat on you with ice cream . we will continue our romance tomorrow." -Chika Ike

With this much love for Ice Cream, Chika Ike might as well consider venturing into an Ice Cream business -- especially, Ice Cream without ingredients such as high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and other health-hazardous additives like Piperonal which is often used in place of Vanilla. According to multiple reports, Piperonal is one of the chemicals used to treat lice. 

There is nothing as good as home-made ice-cream! 

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