I value my wonderful lips and my firm boobs -Anjorin Elizabeth

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Elizabeth Anjorin popularly called Lizzy has been an actress for more than nine years with notable movies to her credit.

A graduate of the Olabisi Onabanjo University where she bagged a degree in Transport Management, Lizzy speaks on the challenges of being an actress in Nigeria and how  she has survived to make her mark.

Anjorin Elizabeth

How have you survived to make your mark?

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My favourite look is to be elegant and stylish -Joke Silva Speaks

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Nollywood Screen diva, Joke Silva is one of the most respected actresses in the industry. She has spent almost three decades in the profession and has made immense contributions to its growth. She had featured in several stage productions and movies both at home and abroad. This graduate of English from the University of Lagos who also has a degree from the prestigious Weber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, spoke recently to Mutiat Alli about her perception of style.

In This Photo: Joke Silva [Nollywood Legendary Actress]
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WHAT are your success tips for people who want to succeed in life like you?
The most important one is to make Christ the bedrock of what you do. That way, you'll have a permanent guide in your choice of profession. Secondly, you'll get the values that are important to succeed so that you can achieve all the things that have been laid down in your heart to achieve with as little stress as possible because you are working with the Lord.

How do you unwind?
I read a lot and I read anything. Right now, I'm reading books on the history of Africa, just to know how we got to where we are; I want to understand how one of the wealthiest continents on earth is so subjugated and I'm getting answers. I love watching television and I also like going out to lunch with friends.

What does style mean to you?
 Style to me is elegance and comfort. These must come first before any other thing. Sometimes I don't always get it but I always like to be appropriately dressed for each occasion. My favourite look is to be elegant and stylish. I like the ethnic look especially the long skirt and blouse (or what they call the up and down) and buba and iro. I also like gowns and trousers as well. Style is being comfortable with whatever I wear. Apart from that, it is also being comfortable with who I am. So, there are times when I may dress good but, I'm not comfortable with it, depending on how I feel at that point in time.

What is that beauty item that you cannot do without?
That will be eyeliner, the brown for my eye brow and black for my eye. I don't think I have any other thing I don't do without, may be my earring and ring. I really don't have anything else, may be because of my job. I leave myself open for any eventuality. Then I love perfumes too. I don't have any specific one but any one that smells good on me.

What is your attitude to wearing jewelries?
When it comes to jewelry, I just wear what goes with whatever outfit I have on. I'm not too much into the expensive stuff because, in the first place, I can't afford it.  Besides, I prefer a simple look, however, when it's necessary to appear glamorous like at special occasions such as award ceremonies, I do it.

What is your beauty routine?
I don't really have any beauty routine. May be, I just wake up in the morning, have my bath, dress up and do what I've got to do.

What's your regular day like?
My regular day depends on what I have on ground. If I I've got a project on hand, it will be: wake up in the morning, have my bath, get dressed, and head for location, phone during the day, talk to my house-help just in case there's anything. Then if there's a break in-between, I talk to the children and then get back home. But when I don't have a project in hand, then I'm probably working towards the project.

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Bhaira Mcwizu is gradually becoming a force to reckon with in Nollywood, considering the role she played in Evil Genius, one of the titles in Super Story series. She speaks with Tope Olukole on issues about her life as well as the movie industry.

In This Photo: Bhaira Mcwizu

What has been happening to your career?
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Nigerian government needs to inject money into the movie industry - Desmond Elliot

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Desmond Elliot is considered as one of the best actors in Nollywood. In this chat with Tope Olukole recently, the actor spoke about some issues in the entertainment industry.

Desmond Elliot
How has the journey been for you in the movie industry?
I would say pretty well. God has been there for me to give me a sense of direction.

What challenges have you faced?
The first is trying to make a name for myself in the career I have chosen, and it Read more »

Most people making movies are children and unintelligent - Pete Edochie speaks

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Pete Edochie started life as a broadcaster, fought in the Biafran Civil war, rose to the position of a director in the ministry before quitting what he has variously described as the drudgery of working in the ministry. He has exchanged that life with the excitement of life as probably the most recognized and famous actors in Nollywood.

His journey into stardom started on a massive high when he played Okonkwo in Nigeria Television Authorities production of Chinua Achebe's award winning book THINGS FALL APART. A role that made him the most recognized face on Nigerian nay, African television and has mostly defined his contribution to Nollywood.

A man voluble and eloquent, a national award winner, the and a man whose sons have towed his line by becoming notable actors themselves Pete Edochie (MON) has very strong views about Nollywood and what is going on in Ibo land.

We caught up with him in his Enugu Town home. With two jeeps and a couple of other cars parked in the garage he cut a perfect picture of affluence. It was ten in the morning. He had just come in from Abuja but his living room was already filled with people who had come to tap from his wealth of wisdom. He offered us palm wine when we arrived.

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