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Nadia Buari denies dating D'Banj "The kokomaster"

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Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari have come out to debunk rumors of her dating D'Banj. "There's absolutely nothing going on between D'Banj and I," Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari told reporters during a chat last week. "I have no idea where that rumour started from. A lot of things have been written about me over the years that are not true, and this is one of them."

In a previous statement, Popular Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari, says she takes it as an honour that Nigerian singer D’banj mentioned her name as part of a celebrity list on his latest song titled "Oliver Twist".

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Genevieve Nnaji, Stephanie Okereke Debunk Fight Rumours!

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Super star actresses, Genevieve Nnaji & Stephanie Okereke "the Nollywood big girls" have debunk stories of alleged feud as the two spent a good part of last night tweeting at each other about how they had fun in the week, and how they can't believe the press could suggest they were enemies. They even shared the above picture of their time out together. If you miss the story about the alleged feud, click here to read it.

Check out Genevieve's tweets below:

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EXPOSED: Nollywood Actresses Who Make Money As ‘Working Girls’

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There is no doubt that the make-believe section of the razzmatazz industry in Nigeria is greatly blessed with beauty queens that could make any man drop his last penny on them.

The sector has produced different types of skin colours you could be proud of and otherwise. We have the half castes, the naturally light skinned born beaus and also the otherwise. It is also blessed with the naturally dark and lovely queens, chocolaty screen idols and others one can think of, except the albinos for now.

In all these, most of the Nollywood female thespians are always in dire need by the men, who want to get down with them at all cost, both in home and away matches.

According to information available to Osaremen Ehi James (Not NMN), some of these Nollywood acts engage in this highly profitable business for the fun of it. We learnt that their charges ranges from $10,000 and $20,000, depending on their bargaining powers or by the agents involved. We learnt that some of them travel out of the country on the pretence of attending award shows or one outside functions to cash in more spendable papers into their accounts.

As we scooped, this actress, who is light skinned and likes to be happy being controversial, is said to love this trade with all her heart. She is said to charge between $15,000 and $20,000. Her preferred stadium to her play match is one high ranked public house located in one 5 star areas of Lagos State. This thespian has also taken her trade outside of Nigeria, where she has good clients who pay well for the koko. She is from one of the states across the Niger Bridge.

Also in this trade is this actress that has successfully brought big players in the entertainment industry to one of the films she acted in. According to sources, she started this cool business by charging about $3,000 but now prefers to charge $10,000 because as we learnt, she is now a superstar in the film industry. She is also in the habit of fighting for being called Aunty by some of her colleagues in the industry, and in the habit of giving good nods to bananas of fine boys she works with on location free of charge, especially for those she approaches by herself.

Another tycoon in the sporting lady work is this popular role interpreter that was once romantically linked with a former presidential aspirant in Nigeria. She was also reportedly linked with a hot romance with a point guru. According to what we were told, this Africa representer, who been on location in one of the East African countries, has her bill ranging from $15,000 to $20,000, just as her compared model in the play acting industry in one of the Oyinbo countries. Her clients are now mainly from across the seas

Also in this fancy women trade is this top actress that has kids with her hubby having a job that most women would fast and pray their heartthrobs have. She is from one of the states under the Niger Delta Development Commission’s (NDDC) radars. As we leant, she is hot and satisfies her clients very well. She is said to be the one that prefers to be on top and not the other way round. She is reported to take close to $20,000 for her services, which most of her clients are always happy to part with.

This thespian, as we were informed, is a one that has something on her b**bs, she is also a mother like the last one described above. What is funny about this one is that she prefers to go local, especially with those in the centre of excellence. Her fees are not really on the high side, as she is believed to just like to be serviced regularly. She charges as low as $2,000 for a round of fight on the bed.

Another participant in this business is this yellow pawpaw babe that is not too tall. She used to always act roles with this fine boy dude in Nollywood. She is really sexy and can melt any man that dares stare at her. As we gathered, her charges are from $10,000 to $15,000. She is said to like to decides what stadium her match be played, but prefer to play away matches on stadiums like Nou Camp.

Can you tell who this actresses are? Pay close attention to the details explained here, and let us hear your suggestions below.

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Uche Jombo denies dating African China, Aniyocha

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Producer of wave-making movie “Damage”, Uche Jombo seems really vexed about the rumour flying around linking her romantically to reggae star, Chinagorom Onuoha popularly known as African China and Nollywood actor, Emeka Aniyocha respectively.

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Reacting to the rumour, while speaking on Celebrity Eye, a gist programme on AfricaMagic and anchored by Mercy Johnson-Okojie, Uche claimed that the two entertainers are her friends.

“African China is a very good friend of mine and so also is Emeka Aniyocha. In our industry, when you hangout or dance with someone, you are automatically linked romantically to the person. I have learnt not to allow these things to bother me. These guys are my friends, true. I’m more comfortable in the company of my male friends than the ladies and that’s me.”she said.

Uche is one of the busiest Nollywood actresses. She is currently promoting her movie “Damage” with premieres held around major cities in the world.

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"Senator David Mark is not my lover" - Chika Ike responds to rumour

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Many of you read the story that made the rounds last week that Nollywood actress Chika Ike is dating the senate president David Mark, and that he bought her the range rover she is currently driving and opened her Fancy store in Abuja. The actress and business woman says it's not true.

She tells Encomium magazine:

Normally, I wouldn't react to stories about myself in public, I have my reasons, but I would talk about this briefly. I know David Mark, he is the senate president.

But personally, I do not know David Mark and I can say this anywhere, anytime. Why I am actually reacting to this tale is for two reasons. It's a delicate story and second, I wouldn't want my success, my hard work, and my struggle to be attached to someone I don't know. I have never had anything to do with Senator David Mark. People just wake up and make up stories.

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Genevieve Debunks Movie Role With Angelina Jolie

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Genevieve Nnaji is one Nollywood actress that has through her talent become one of Nigeria and Africa’s prides. Coming through into the play-acting world at the early age of eight, when she acted in a TV soap, Ripples, Genny, as she is fondly called, has grown to be one of the best in the business.

Not too long ago, this make-believe goddess lost a movie role to Hollywood actress, Naomi Harris, in a movie titled, Bond Girl. This move was seen as a step forward in our actors breaking into Nollywood.

Just after the news of the lost movie role broke in Nigeria, there was another news that she has been slated to star alongside top Hollywood diva, Angelina Jolie. As usual, this was greeted among Nigerians as good news.

But recently, when the Queen of the Nollywood industry in Nigeria, Genny, was asked what the movie title would be and also when she would be on set for the movie, she simply answered, ‘there is no movie role with Jolie, my dear.’

For those who have been waiting to see Genny acting alongside Jolie, a former world’s sexiest woman, maybe they would have to wait for another real opportunity to come her way. But for now, Genny has debunked such rumour.

-By Osaremen Ehi James
Below is an excerpt from Genevieve's most recent encounter for a Hollywood movie deal in the month of June earlier this year:

In the previous movie: Genevieve Nnaji will not be the next Bond Girl…Naomie Harris tipped for role.

A few weeks ago the blogosphere was rampant with talk of Genevieve Nnaji being the next Bond Girl.

This came after the UK’s Daily Mirror reported she was spotted having lunch with Robert De Niro in Cannes, 3 weeks ago…Maybe she was in town to lobby for the role but according to UK tabloid News of the World (so this should be taken with a pinch of salt), Naomie Harris (Naomi who? Pirates of the Carribean, Miami Vice) has been offered the role to star as Daniel Craig’s sexy sidekick in the next Bond movie. -that1960chick. Read more »