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‘I can die for good shoes’ -Funke Akindele

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Funke Akindele. Her name surely rings a bell. Not one given to much airs around her, she triggers off the interview by saying, “I am too down-to-earth, unassuming and I remind myself that no matter the glitz and glamour, I am still Funke Akindele.”

So, what’s new about her?
Nothing, except for the fact that she is just back from New York, United States of America, where she went to have her movie, The return of Jenifa, premiered.

“I was scared before the premiere kicked off,” she recalls. Why? “I was wondering if what I had would match the expectations of the people coming to see the movie. I ran to the back of the hall and was almost shivering when it started but when I saw people laughing, with eyes glued to the screen, I knew my fears were over.”

You would not help but laugh at some of her jokes as the interview progresses. But the Ikorodu born graduate of law, who chose to be an actress instead, would not laugh at certain experiences she has gone through in her few years on stage.

“These are painful and unforgettable incidents which could have thrown me off balance,” she laments. According to Funke, who is the second in a family of four children, the media, which has celebrated her over the years, also contributed to some of her hurts.

“I was shocked to read an article that I was arrested at Heathrow for a drug related offence! Me? Drugs! Never! I was in my room in Lagos and had never travelled to London. Even whenever I did, my route was not Heathrow. I called my publicist, called everyone I knew and started telling them I was not arrested. It was not a funny experience at all,” she recalls.

She got different doses of such write-ups — alleged dates with different men and lots more. “There were moments I stayed in my room and cried. When you are in show business and you have reached a certain pedestal, you lose confidence of opening up to people on your challenges. If you do, you are the gist on every lips and journalists feast on it. So, I end up telling my hurts to God and nobody.”

That brings you to her world of being tagged a celebrity. Her story of fame would not tire you as she says: “It robs you of privacy — everyone wants to know what is happening to you, your dates, they want to have you at their parties, they want you to smile 24-7 even if you are in foul moods, they want you to be perfect and everyone believes you are not just human!

“I was at the airport sometime back and a woman came to say hello. Of course, I greeted her politely. Again, she came and I did same thing. Again, she came and I was still my smiling self. This went on like 20 times and she brought many people to see me! When it was time to board the plane, I was on a queue and suddenly had a slap on my back! It was the woman and she said, ‘Abebelube’ (Yoruba word for a more-than-smart person) and laughed. Was I hurt? I just grinned and said ‘thank you ma.’ The normal Funke Akindele would have reacted but I just reminded myself of the status. But I am human! I remember having fever, went to the clinic, was asked to run a test and as my doctor attended to me, another doctor passed by and said in everyone’s hearing that, ‘Funke Akindele came for a pregnancy test!’ Though he was joking, what if those people picked it up and the rumour spread? Even if I came for a pregnancy test, am I not entitled to my privacy? It is not too enviable a world.”

Born of parents she describes as ‘very strict’, her growing up years would not have been better. She reminisces: “I was always getting into trouble and my mother, a gynaecologist, was very strict. I was more of a tomboy and never saw myself as a girl. My father, an educationist, would not suffer fools gladly. I was like any other girl next door. It was fun and I would have remained in the comfort of my home instead of the public eye.”

It’s obvious Funke makes all efforts to retain her celebrity status by looking glamorous. “I am not finding it funny,” she says chuckling. “Naturally, I am a jeans-on-t-shirt person but now I cannot do that always. If I just wanted to make my hair, not far from my home, I have to dress up! There was a day I went to make my hair in jeans and ballet shoes and when I entered, all eyes were on me and some said I was too ordinary-looking! Even if you are not comfortable in killer heels, you wear them on red carpet! Now, I have a stylist who is in charge of what I wear, how I wear and where I wear them to. She flew with me to New York and helped with my look. Not an easy lifestyle and I see it as vain.”

My fashion fetish? I can die for good shoes. I love Vivienne Westwood a lot and Christian Louboutin. I wear any good shoes and not really out for designer labels.”

Asked how much she has spent on clothes or any fashion accessories and she answers, “I buy what I like and can’t really say that I have spent any amount on any accessories. I have clothiers who give great discounts and I also buy things anytime I am abroad.”

She confesses to be ‘doing something’ on her figure. “Even when I am trim, my tummy isn’t. I am suffering from occupational hazards because I eat late while on location and that makes your tummy bigger. Now, I have stopped eating after 7pm.”

Don’t think she is very single and shopping for a mate, as reported in some local magazines. “I have a man in my life,” she reveals. Though not emphatic on any wedding bells soon, Funke, who also writes her scripts, produces and directs her films, says: “I was surprised at that write-up because when the reporter came to me and said that my fans wanted to know when I would be married; I said, he should tell my fans to keep praying for me to get the best.”

With the Lagos premiere of The Return of Jenifa coming up, she urges youths to embrace creativity. “Anything can happen in the hands of a creative youth and that is what I always emphasise in my films. You need not sell body to get anywhere in life, make use of your potential,” she says. Read more »

Nollywood legendary couples, Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva renew wedding vows

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Legendary actors, Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs renewed their wedding vows recently on September 29th 2011 in Lagos, in celebration of Joke's 50th birthday.

November 2011 will be exactly 26 years the acting couple have been married.

Join us in wishing our Nollywood legendary couples many more happy married years ahead...and happy birthday to Mrs Jacobs. Read more »

My favourite look is to be elegant and stylish -Joke Silva Speaks

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Nollywood Screen diva, Joke Silva is one of the most respected actresses in the industry. She has spent almost three decades in the profession and has made immense contributions to its growth. She had featured in several stage productions and movies both at home and abroad. This graduate of English from the University of Lagos who also has a degree from the prestigious Weber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, spoke recently to Mutiat Alli about her perception of style.

In This Photo: Joke Silva [Nollywood Legendary Actress]
Photo Courtesy of: Bella Naija

WHAT are your success tips for people who want to succeed in life like you?
The most important one is to make Christ the bedrock of what you do. That way, you'll have a permanent guide in your choice of profession. Secondly, you'll get the values that are important to succeed so that you can achieve all the things that have been laid down in your heart to achieve with as little stress as possible because you are working with the Lord.

How do you unwind?
I read a lot and I read anything. Right now, I'm reading books on the history of Africa, just to know how we got to where we are; I want to understand how one of the wealthiest continents on earth is so subjugated and I'm getting answers. I love watching television and I also like going out to lunch with friends.

What does style mean to you?
 Style to me is elegance and comfort. These must come first before any other thing. Sometimes I don't always get it but I always like to be appropriately dressed for each occasion. My favourite look is to be elegant and stylish. I like the ethnic look especially the long skirt and blouse (or what they call the up and down) and buba and iro. I also like gowns and trousers as well. Style is being comfortable with whatever I wear. Apart from that, it is also being comfortable with who I am. So, there are times when I may dress good but, I'm not comfortable with it, depending on how I feel at that point in time.

What is that beauty item that you cannot do without?
That will be eyeliner, the brown for my eye brow and black for my eye. I don't think I have any other thing I don't do without, may be my earring and ring. I really don't have anything else, may be because of my job. I leave myself open for any eventuality. Then I love perfumes too. I don't have any specific one but any one that smells good on me.

What is your attitude to wearing jewelries?
When it comes to jewelry, I just wear what goes with whatever outfit I have on. I'm not too much into the expensive stuff because, in the first place, I can't afford it.  Besides, I prefer a simple look, however, when it's necessary to appear glamorous like at special occasions such as award ceremonies, I do it.

What is your beauty routine?
I don't really have any beauty routine. May be, I just wake up in the morning, have my bath, dress up and do what I've got to do.

What's your regular day like?
My regular day depends on what I have on ground. If I I've got a project on hand, it will be: wake up in the morning, have my bath, get dressed, and head for location, phone during the day, talk to my house-help just in case there's anything. Then if there's a break in-between, I talk to the children and then get back home. But when I don't have a project in hand, then I'm probably working towards the project.

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The New Face of Mud Cosmetics: Genevieve Nnaji Premier

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The Nigerian beauty industry keeps developing at an impressive rate. The latest entrant into the Nigerian cosmetic market is MUD Cosmetics and they have chosen superstar Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji as the face of the brand in Nigeria.

Make-Up Designory (MUD) is an international make-up company that has been creating genuine make-up products and providing quality education for over the past decade. In the international community, MUD has been the expert choice of make-up professionals, as its renowned make-up schools have produced renowned make-up artists on a global scale. With a huge focus on true quality make-up, MUD promises long lasting wearability, flawless application, and radiantly accurate color.

At the press conference held on the 19th of May 2009, the co-Managing Directors of Bellezza Cosmetics and Spa (the official franchise owners and distributors of MUD in Nigeria), Chinny Onwugbenu and Onyinye Onwugbenu shared that “Bringing Genevieve onto the MUD team was not a difficult decision. A MUD woman represents beauty, grace, elegance, as well as glamour. Genevieve epitomizes all of the above, as her glamour and yet understated style has such enduring appeal to women of all generations.

Genevieve plays more than a role as the Face of MUD. She is part of the MUD family, and will be involved in every aspect of bringing MUD products into the make-up purses of every Nigerian woman”.

This is not her first foray into the beauty industry. She represented international brand Lux as the face of Lux a few years ago. We are also happy with the recent spate of celebrity product endorsements. It shows that companies now value the star power and influence of the entertainment industry.

The MUD brand is all about making every woman look and feel like an icon. Over the next couple of months, we will be turning this dream into reality with so many exciting opportunities which include our infamous make-up seminars and workshops, one-of-a-kind fashion shows, as well as the launch of various MUD studios around Nigeria.

Isn't Genevieve the most beautiful actress in Nollywood till date? or who do you think is more beautiful?
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