The Story of Jenifa, Funke Akindele Exclusive Interview

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The superstar actress has risen, in such short time, from just one of the numerous actresses around, to become ‘the’ actress – thanks to her movie Jenifa, which catapulted her from obscurity into mainstream prominence.

Now a Globacom ambassador, and a multi award-winning actress-producer, the UNILAG alumnus is back with a new project The Return of Jenifa (TROJ). And, one week after a star-studded premier in Lagos, the star actress sat down with Nigeria Entertainment Today correspondent for a quikie. Read the excerpts:

How do you cope with so much work?
It’s by the grace of God. I sleep like seven hours in the night and crash like one hour in the car.

Six, seven hours?
I have to because of the stress of my job. We’re always on set acting. The light is really hot. And it won’t be good if you don’t eat and sleep. So I try my best to eat and sleep well. I need that energy to keep pushing on.

Let’s go way back, probably to the time you were born. Give me a brief description of your family. Where you grew up?
I grew up in Lagos, I come from Lagos. I have three siblings. Two girls and a boy.

Where in Lagos did you grow up?
Somolu, Surulere. My mum is a gynaecologist, my father, an educationist. Growing up was fun, I was more of a tom boy, playful. I had fun.

How much did television at that point in time influenced you, your mum being a gynaecologist and dad educationist, were they strict? Did you have access to TV, comics?
Yeah, definitely I was given access to watch TV and read comics. We were given access to it. Just make sure you’re silent. You read your books. You do the right thing at the right time.

So from primary school to secondary school; Which secondary school?
Lagos state model college, Igbo-okuta.

Let’s fast forward to when you were featured in the very popular ‘I Need To Know’ series. How did that come about?
Well my first experience for the camera was on Opa Williams set, ‘Naked Wire’. I featured in a film.

How did you get the role?
I just attended the audition and Opa Williams is such a gentle man. I heard about the audition then, I was given a role. After then, I was on I.T at APCON I just told my boss, ‘oga I want to go for this audition’. He was like, ‘go, go, go’.

How old were you then?
I was past teenage years. I went, and I got a role.

So in the series you had to play down your age, the character in the script was quite younger than you were. How did you manage it?
At first I found it a bit difficult. My director was always complaining on set. You’re not talking like a teenager. You need to talk like a teenager. I got home a bit sad. And my younger sister said ‘why are you worried?’. ‘They’re going to take the role from me o’, I would answer. Then she would take a look at my script. ‘What are you supposed to say?’ ‘No mummy, yes mummy’. Just say it like that, and I went back and I did it like that, and I got the role. So she taught me how to play like a teenager.

The other people you were working with they were also playing younger roles...
Yes, they were young. They were fairly young.

So they were playing their part?
Yes, they were young. They were teenagers. Averagely you were above their age.

How long did the series last?
Still on air. It lasted for two to five years.
I think the first two, three years was very fantastic. And I don’t know what happened...
They brought in new people.

So after ‘I Need To Know’ there were a few years of…
Trying to get roles.

Tell us about it...
That was a very trying moment. It was really tough.

So you went straight into Nollywood?
Yes, I went into Nollywood. I met Kunle Coker. He helped me to get roles. He was supportive. But it was difficult to get roles on television. You’ll talk, talk, read, read, but they wouldn’t give you the role.

Why didn’t you move straight to series that were airing on TV as at that time?
I tried. I was on ‘Every Day People’. I was on I think ‘Izozo’, but they weren’t like ‘I Need to Know’.

So you rather went for Nollywood?
Yes, when I didn’t get the big break.

What was the first Yoruba movie you featured in?
It was Kolade Alabi’s ‘Iroka’. The producer told me about the movie at an event. I was part of the movie in Osogbo. I played a very minor role. It was in Ayo Adesanya’s ‘Heart Breaker’, after then I crossed over to the faculty where you have Yinka Quadri, Ogogo, Abe Lanre, Yemi Alabi. They welcomed me, featured me in their movies, and I started my first major role. My first lead role was in ‘Ojo Ketala’. Coincidentally, that was my first experience as a producer.

So almost immediately you became a producer. Where did you get the experience from?
I believe I could do it and I started it. I watched how they did it. I’ve been on different production sets and watched how they do it. They call people from different departments, different professionals. Finally I wrote my script, I invited the director of photography and the director. How are we going to do this, call this make-up artist, call this wardrobe person. And I gathered them together and we did the movie.

Prior to you featuring in Yoruba films, you’ve been reading scripts in English. What was it like speaking Yoruba in a movie?
I speak Yoruba very well, I speak Yoruba at home. My mum would say, ‘speak English, English is good, but speak Yoruba, ‘omo Yoruba ni e’, so it wasn’t difficult.

Who invested in your first movie?
My mum

So she believed so much in you?
She believed in me

How about your dad?
My dad wanted me to be a lawyer. So my father would just tell me then, ‘go back, go to school, go and study law’.

How does he feel now?
Now he’s cool with it.

Are you going to consider practicing Law?

Has it ever crossed your mind to make your dad happy?
Please I don’t practice Law. But it reflects in my script. It’s good that I studied law. It helped in writing my scripts.

How so?
Like if you watch my films it’s all about crime rate, arm robbery like when they want to start a case in court and all that. It helped.

So after ‘Ojo Ketala’, what was the next movie?
After ‘Ojo Ketala’ I did, I think ‘Etanu’. I met Hakeem Balogun who’s become my best producer since date.

So how many films have you produced?
Over ten films.

What Inspired the Jenifa Movie?
I just felt like impacting the youths with a solid message. A lot of girls out there do things they really shouldn’t. Some are ‘aristos’ and stand the chance of losing their lives through dangerous ways – including contacting HIV. And other things that should be set straight, I wrote the movie myself.

Why take the comedic route to preach such a serious message?
I felt I should talk about sustaining good morals but in a way one would laugh but still walk home with a message. ‘Jenifa’ isn’t boring, so you will watch and equally get the moral of the story at the end.

Did you ever looked for someone to play the role of Jenifa?
Yes I did, but couldn’t find anyone. Ronke Oshodi almost fit the role but she was too big in stature for Jenifa’s character. I wanted Jenifa to be smaller in size. I had to play the part when I couldn’t get anyone to fill up the role.

Tell us about the ‘Omo Ghetto’
Yes. I did Omo Ghetto to reach out to young people in the ghetto. That they can be responsible, they can use their God-given talent and acquired skill to better their lives, of their family and that of the nation. Because a lot of people from the ghetto – the pick pockets, touts, the young people that came to rob me when I was shooting Omo Ghetto, are so young. So young!! It was sad, but we thank God. I’m alive.

Did you try talking to them?
Yeah, yeah, even when one was trying to hit me, but his accomplice started begging like, ‘ema fo wokan yen o’. I felt so bad, so sad for them. I heard they’ve been arrested you know. And I feel bad. I hope they’ll change. I hope they’ll be given another chance. You know these are supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow, why waste away? Those are the people that inspired ‘Omo Ghetto’.

What inspired your passion for Nigerian youth?
Urm, I had an experience before Jenifa. I met this young girl. I think she’s living in Ijora. A very pretty girl. She speaks good English. She went to a public school. She knows how to braid hair. And she’s trying to get back to school. I met her. She’s so close to me. And I would give her money. ‘Are you okay?’, ‘how are you?’. So I met this young girl, and I think she’s got a good heart. I can do something for the young people. Why can’t I reach out to them through my movie and my N.G.O, The Jenifa Foundation? That’s how we started.

So which one came first? The deal with GLO or the deal with the Lagos State Government?
(Laughs) Everything came together. The only thing I can say is that I’m happy to be a Glo Ambassador. Glo is for the gbo gbo bix girls. And we have a lot to offer our subscribers, check out the…

Don’t, don’t, (Laughs).
Then Lagos state, I’m from Lagos state.

Which part in Lagos?

A lot of your peers have taken a very long time before they said, ‘I think I can produce too’. Why was your own so sure. Why was your own quite quick?
Because I knew what I wanted to do. And everything’s by God grace. Not by might.

Would you still create more characters, more movies for Jenifa? I mean there’s a ‘Return of Jenifa’. Though it kind of shows a sense of ending.
For now, but tomorrow. Like Madea, Madea was in ‘I Can Do About Myself’, she’s was in ‘Madea’s Happy Family’, we loved Madea, but she’s crazy. She’s got something for you.

Tyler Perry is the richest entertainer right now in the US. Why is she your role model? Apart from being the richest entertainer.
Not because of that. Because of his work.

Because of his work. When did you start following up?
I can’t even remember.

Okay. What next?
We’re resting now

But what next?
We’re resting. Keep your fingers crossed. The energy that we put into the ‘Return of Jenifa’, oh my God, it was crazy, it was challenging, it was tasking. Getting all the cast together. To even get the content. It was a big job. Don’t forget the expectation was also high.

How much do you charge for a movie role?
For a movie role? Ah, oma kpo gan. O to 50million.

How much last?
Ah, I can’t mention. It depends on the person. I can even do it free of charge. If the script is so strong and it’s something I can handle.

Have you ever thought taking up a role in Hollywood? Something not in Nigeria?
We all want to.

Have you gotten any call?
I don’t know. Let’s wait.

You haven’t gotten any call?
Let’s wait.

Laughs. Okay it was nice speaking with you.
God bless you dear, thank you for coming.

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Solemnises Mercy Johnson’s Dubious Wedding

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The wedding of controversial actress Mercy Johnson to her beau has come and gone. But the soleminisation of the marriage by yet another controversial pastor, Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy, will ensure that ripples of the oddity he endorsed will continue to linger for a long time to come.

Many people wonder what type of Bible Oyakhilome is using to preach to his followers. They believe that he should not have gone ahead to solemnize the wedding because of the controversy that it generated some weeks before the wedding when the wife of Mercy’s new husband, Lovely came out that the man whom Mercy wanted to marry was at the time he was planning to go into another wedding still her legal husband. Read on....

Those who spoke to us said Chris Oyakhilome should bury his head in shame for conducting the sham marriage, stressing that the Catholic Church would never conduct such marriage that was full of controversy right from the outset and that there is no spiritual accountability in Christ Embassy.

Another who spoke to us condemned Oyakhilome, stating that his church is nothing short of a night or social club. He said further that Oyakhilome is always at the centre of controversy for instance, he charges feed for the church’s programmes and it is high time he stopped using the name of the Lord to perpetrate his crimes and thereby lead his followers astray. He also said that Oyakhilome has laid a bad precedent that now, people, especially single girls, can just wake up one day to leave their spouses for the rich or famous since they know that evil pastors like Oyakhilome would contract the wedding for them.

Oyakhilome has just contributed to turning two lovely children into literal orphans shorn of love from their father when their father is still alive, because of his flagrant disobedience an express biblical directive on marriage.

It would be recalled that when Ini Edo wanted to marry in one of the Redeemed Christian Church og God parishes in Houston,Texas in America, the pastor of the church bluntly refused to marry the couple. Despite the fact her husband had divorced his ex-wife, the pastor told them he wasn’t going to be part of the wedding because God did not approve and would hold him responsible despite the fact that the couple are both members of the church.

Chris Oyakhilome is not new to controversies especially with the shoddy ways and manners he goes about with his ministry ranging from organizing fake miracles and receiving stolen money from his members.

Recalled that the South African Government and Christian community said sometime ago that they will not allow anybody to come and rope their economy and social system all in the name of religion.

They narrated a number of incidents that has compelled them to doubt the authenticity of the Christ Embassy.

Gathered that a lady who had been sitting on a wheel chair in the healing line, she had been sitting there for hours while waiting for the man of God to come and minister to her, but unfortunately for Pastor Chris as he is fondly called, called on the lady, and having forgot that she was supposed to act paralyzed lo and behold she stood up and scampered and ran to the toilet. Not knowing what to do she was not allowed to return to the wheel chair because many people had seen her while she was running to the toilet, she received serious tongue lashing from the Healing School pastors for the great embarrassment she caused while her empty wheel chair was wheeled out of the healing arena.

Another source recalled that a similar incident had transpired in the Healing School when another supposedly bed-ridden faithful was pushed to the toilet by a church member who had volunteered to help at the Healing School. On getting there wit the helper, she stood by herself and went in. The helper screamed, rejoicing that a miracle had already taken place but to her amazement, instead of the pastors to rejoice with her she was reprimanded for standing without aid.

Further learnt that an old woman who ministers next to Pastor Chris, called Deaconess Pat, many refer to her as mummy in South Africa, who lays hands on women on Chris’ behalf was said to have warned some South Africans not to bring their children nor give their money to the money making scheme. Her words were, “this is not a church”. She also made mention of the fact that her own children are in full time church ministry but none are in Christ Embassy. She was quoted as saying that she is only at Christ Embassy because it is a job for her.

There is an interesting sub-unit in the Christ Embassy Church called the ‘Haven’. It largely consists of select members that fund Chris Oyakhilome’s ministry in South Africa and beyond.

South Africans that belong to this group have suffered tremendously through the insane donations demanded from them by Christ Embassy. Many have had to take their children out of schools to be able to keep up with the Christ Embassy demands.

While South Africans are committing their hard-earned money to the Christ Embassy projects, their pastors are indulging in an unimaginable life of luxury.

Pastor Ken Oyakhilome drives a Lamborghini Murcielago, Austin Martin DB9, Porsche Cayenne, are amongst his five expensive vehicles. All of this luxury life in Houston,Texasis funded by what is called the “American Initiative”.

Another fake, is one Olatunde Oyediran who claims that he lives for Chris Oyakhilome's vision and ministry and that is where all his money goes, yet he drives a Toyota RunEx.

Meanwhile, immorality is not a scarce commodity in Christ Embassy, South Africa. Tomisin Fashina, a Senior Pastor in the Sandton church, South Africa, is said to have children from different women in his congregation.

Fashina is said to have taught his congregation that it was more evil to bring a fatherless child to the world than to abort. This has raised the suspicion that he may be impregnating women in his church and asking them to abort.

His wife, Tolu Fashina, on the other hand is alleged to have embezzled the Healing School funds when she and one Taiwo Adenubi, a senior pastor in Pretoria, just outside Johannesburg had been given a construction contract by Dr. Diolla who is the head of the Healing School.

They were exposed by a worker who had taken his share of the loot, when they tried to blame it on him. Apparently, this guy, a Nigerian national confessed his own sins but said that he had learnt from the best, being Tolu and Taiwo.

In 2007, the Christ Embassy Randburg branch got a members called Funi Silinda, a business woman. She donated nothing less than R100,000, a month. On months like the American Initiative, she is recorded to have given approximately R600,000. She bought a lot of first class tickets for most of the Christ Embassy, Randburg leadership to attend international conferences inNigeria. She also paid for many of them to be in good hotels.

For partnership like the Healing School, she gave about R30,000 a month. She built a computer center in Randburg, furnished it with state-of-the-art computers and accessories. Funi paid for the Christ Embassy TBN contract. She was led to believe that it cost R100,000 a month. Yet she faithfully paid for a whole year.

It however came as a shock to many when Funi announced that she was leaving Christ Embassy because she had run out of money. She said that all the donation she made in Christ Embassy were financed by business projects she received prior to coming to Christ Embassy while she made nothing since joining the church yet she kept on spending.

It became obvious that Funi was tired of being used which is something she said in the end. The final straw was when she was told that she has been personally invited by Chris Oyakhilome to attend his birthday party on the 7th of December, 2007.

Tunde Oyediran started working on her, telling her of how she would need to compete with others at profligacy when she gets to the party as they habitually auction Pastor Chris’ suites for anything up to R1 million.

That day, she realized that Christ Embassy was nothing but a 419 scam. It was then speculated that she cancelled the flight and went back to her home.

Then another fake, Dolapo Layode, who is often postured by the church as the highest giver and donor in the church, came to South Africain 2007 to share a very far-fetched testimony.

Dolapo told the meeting that two Angels came to her room asking to be dispatched. And she had told the angels to get her a license to lift oil in Nigeria. In two weeks time, she had not only gotten this license, but also a scholarship to London where she studies about the business she was about to embark on.

In less than a year, Dolapo was telling people that she has trucks with her names running around Nigeria transporting oil. She never mentioned planning to be in the transportation business as well.

That was when some people realized that Dolapo and her kind, in Christ Embassy were a grand part of the whole extortion scam. No one can out-give them and it is meant to be that way. Dolapo shocked people even more when she said that when she prays for money, she finds it everywhere in the house, in her wardrobe and within clothes.

However, it appears this grace or ability to mint money as it has been termed, only works for the Nigerian members of “the Haven” group.

South African’s are loved because they work and earn a lot of money and have easy access to credit according to one Pastor Efeoma, a former “Haven” President.

In all these, many South Africans have had to use desperate measures to finance the deep pockets of Christ Embassy hoping to avoid being shunned.

They use credit cards, overdrafts, personal loans, second bonds, missed car and house payments to meet the church’s demands. As a result many are blacklisted by the credit bureau, their cars are repossessed while they are evicted or watch helplessly as their houses are auctioned.

In the ‘Haven’ group the only people who seem to have testimonies of being millionaires are Nigerians while South Africans face liquidation and other financial crisis.

It is no longer secret that the South African authorities are not leaving any stone unturned in its investigation to get to the root of the many outcries against the activities of Christ Embassy in South Africa. This was demonstrated about a month ago when Pastor Chris came for the healing school. He was literally frisked and not a single stroke of nicety was spent on him. It was real business and objectivity. His private jet was thoroughly searched at the airport. He was asked to fill in forms standing on the counter as the airport officials apparently refused to use the VIP lounge to do all that.

Chris was said to have been very angry at Ose, wife of Ken Oyakhilome, who has been running Christ Embassy aground by their immoral and uninspiring conducts. Chris is also said to have threatened to stop coming to South Africaas he blamed Ose for poorly managing matters inSouth Africa. Chris who came to South Africa from Texas was said to have gotten the same treatment there.

South Africans strongly feel that Chris made the worst mistake by coming to South Africa in the first place. The investigators handling the matter already have the support of many countries, including Nigeria. They have met with some Nigerian officials who are passionate with fighting crime. A meeting of all religious groups in South Africa was convened recently in Kwa-Zulu Natal to discuss the notorious activities of Christ Embassy in South Africa.

And as the South African authorities step up investigations, into the activities of Christ Embassy, the people are aggressively mobilizing to stamp out Christ Embassy from their country for good.

Sometime ago here in Nigeria in March 2007, one Lawrence Agada, an assistant pastor who was a cashier with the Lagos Sheraton Hotels and Towers, donated cash and gifts totaling N39 million believed to be stolen. With the money he bought 250KVA generator valued at N4.4 million and another 27KVA for N1.5 million which he donated to a satellite.

Prior to this, he had given N6 million for the refurbishment of the church as well as N1 million for the purchase of plastic seats for the headquarters and another N1 million contributed to a crusade tagged “Night of Bliss”. While he also gave N400,000 to his parish pastor who had no money for a trip toAustralia.

In appreciation, Oyakhilome wrote Agada, ‘May God, who gives seed to the sower and bread for eating multiply your seeds in Jesus name’. But rather than receive God’s blessing Agada became a guest of the police when his employers discovered that he had stolen from them to give to the church. Agada’s employers also insisted that Oyakhilome should refund the money, but rather than complying, Oyakhilome and his church issued a statement admitting that Agada made donations bus refused to make a refund.

Also before the noise that Agada’s stealing subsided, another members of the church Gbenga Kehinde donated to the church in similar circumstances. Kehinde who was then an assistant manager with the then Eko International Bank stole about N40 million from his employes and donated N10 million to the church.

Due to complaints in some quarters about his miracles, his television programme, atmosphere of miracles which he ran seven days in a week on about 20 TV station was banned from airing by the National Broadcasting Commission based on what it terms unverifiable faith healing.

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Photos from Richard Mofe Damijo 50th Birthday Celebration

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We couldn't help not showcasing RMD's 50th birthday this year. Richard Mofe-Damijo alias RMD who turned 50 years old on the 6th of July, 2011 celebreated his birthday in grand style with friends from different corners of the continent. RMD was born on 6th July,1961 in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

Richard Mofe Damijo and Wife

He attended Midwest College, Warri, Anglican Grammar School and was a member of the Drama Club. He enrolled into the University of Benin to continue his education and studied Theatre arts.

In 1997 Mofe-Damijo returned to school to study law at the University of Lagos and graduated in 2004. He is now a politician and has been the Commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Delta State,Nigeria since january 2009.

We want Nollywood fans to celebrate and always recognise the work and contributions of RMD to Nigeria's film industry here on Nigeria Movie Network, so we are hereby sharing this long-overdue photos of his birthday bash. He is one of our veterans that anyone can always go to for advice.

The top dignitaries and celebrities present at the ceremony were Delta state Governor Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, Joke Silva, Patrick Doyle, Comedian Ali Baba, Funke Akindele, Ramsey Nouah, and much more. Check out our exclusive photos below:

Beautiful Funke Akindele (Nollywood Actress/Director)

Joke Silva (Nollywood Legendary Actress)

Chidi Mokeme (Fast-rising Nollywood Actor)
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Tonto Dike Opens Up About Her Controversial Role In Soft Porn Movie

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Star actress, Tonto Dikeh is always an issue in the industry, especially when it comes to her controversial roles in some movies including 'Dirty Secrets' and yet to be released 'Strippers in Love'.

In a recent interview, she talks about her role in the movie "Strippers in Love” and other issues.

Excerpts from the interview:

All this while, why haven’t you produced a movie to call your own?

I would say I have only done one jointly with another person. I have not shot any personal movie since I started out.


Nothing, maybe because I have been busy with other peoples work all this while. I believe any time I am free, I would have some time to myself. It’s then I can start something on my own movie. But for now, that’s not my priority.

What would you say is the factor responsible for your unstoppable rise in the industry?

I can’t really say, I just understand that once you take mystery away from a product or a brand, it makes it empty. I don’t know if it’s the mystery of whom I am or why I am who I am. I really don’t know, I just have to thank God the way everything is.

If you’re paid a fortune, can you go completely nude on set?

I don’t think I can do that. Not because of what people may say but because of the fact that I may not be comfortable within myself doing that. And at the same time, it’s uncultured, it’s not part of our tradition.

But it depends on the intensity of what it is. There are some roles that you have to go nude but it doesn’t mean you are having s*x.

You could be nude and dying. So, it depends on how the script goes. But I am very sure I will be very shy doing that.

In most cases, you’re comfortable kissing endlessly in movies, what’s your reaction on that?

To me, that’s very easy. I take things like that for granted. So, far it’s over, it’s over. It doesn’t reflect in my life. Immediately I am through with that kind of role, I leave and start thinking of what next to do.

Does that mean kissing on set doesn’t go the extra mile as some people are made to believe?

It doesn’t at all. Everthing is just acting and it’s like a family thing. Although, we don’t really love ourselves 100 percent, we still have a family in Nollywood. We know one another.

So, it’s just like being around who you know 100 percent. Only when I was new in the industry that such little things appeared somehow but when I got matured with time I became used to them.

Let’s go back to your roles in movies, recently you participated in a movie, entitled 'Strippers in Love which has been keeping movie buff tongues wagging even before its release, what exactly is the role you interpreted in the movie?

Strippers in Love is a very different movie. It’s not like Dirty Secrets in its totality. What the story line is all about is something different, it is about a different problem, you can change a particular habit. It’s a beautiful story and I don’t believe people will criticize it when they start seeing it.

If I am going to do a movie, I put all my heart into it since I am a thriller, so that it can attract people to buy the movie. So,you can judge the whole movie from the two-minute scene in its advertisement on TV.

I don’t think anybody made me who I am today. I just came out and God took control. Even though, he had to use men to do His work on earth.

It doesn’t matter what you say about me, I believe there are thousands of people out there that love me with what I am doing.

My private life has nothing to do with my profession. The day I stop being a good actress, then I know that something has gone wrong with my career. Nothing either said or written by a man can bring my career down. It’s the work of God, I am not bragging about it.

Let’s talk a little about your love life now?

(Cuts in) I am not going to talk about that, it’s my private life. If I have a man, I will celebrate him.

You’re a radiant actress, no doubt about that, what is the secret of your beauty?

Nothing. One thing is that I don’t really like using make-up a lot unless I am on a set. I just try to keep my skin alive.

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Stephanie Okereke lands ambassadorial deal with Japan's Kaneka

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Nollywood actress Stephanie Okereke has landed an ambassadorial deal with Japanese Corporation ‘Kaneka’, makers of ‘Kanekalon’ hair fibre.

Okereke’s deal, we gathered, will primarily be to promote the company’s product and participating in its marketing campaigns.


As contained in a release, her responsibilities will include being part of Kanekalon’s Brand Building campaign, Kanekalon ‘Salon Storm’ Activation, Kanekalon ‘Night of a Thousand Braids’ event and other brand promotional activities.

Apparently the deal is finalized, as the actress’ television commercial for Kanekalon is already running on TV stations across the country.

The Marketing Manager, Kanekalon Division for Kaneka Corporation, Hideaki Nakamura noted that Kaneka’s decision to sign an ambassador is the company’s commitment to promote the African woman and more so, to expand its scope in Nigeria.

Nakamura added; “the deal with Stephanie is consistent with Kaneka’s policy of using the best talents everywhere the company has presence, to promote our product and Stephanie came highly recommended in this area.”

Speaking on the deal Ms Okereke promised live up to her billing and use the platform to preach and stipulate the African woman outlook.

“The African woman is legendary for her beauty and her strength, her style and grace; she is an epitome of beauty, and unmatched quality and a style icon. All this I hope to promote as Kanekalon ambassador,” she assured.

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Mercy Johnson's Wedding Pictures: Church and Traditional Wedding Photos

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Mercy Johnson wedding picturesThis are pictures from Mercy Johnson wedding with Prince Odianose Okojie. These wedding photos includes the all white church wedding, and also photos from the traditional marriage. Many Nollywood star actors and actresses graced the wedding ceremony on Saturday August 27 2011 at the headquarters church of the Christ Embassy off Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun Ikeja. While the reception took place immediately after at 10 Degree on Billingsway also at Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos State.

Many Nollywood actors and actresses were there including Genevieve Nnaji, Emeka Ike, Jim Iyke, Segun Arinze, Keneth Okonkwo, Patience Ozonkwo, Chinedu Ikedieze, Majid Mitchel, Francis Duru, Speaker, Edo State House of Assembly, DJ Jimmy Jatt, Mike Ezunronye and many others were at the wedding.

The wedding ceremony started at Christy Embassy, HQ, in Oregun with Pastor Tom as the officiating minster. The wedding train then moved to 10 Degrees, venue of the reception; AY was MC, DJ Jimmy Jatt the DJ and live music from Godbless Band and Navy Band.
Bridal train included Waje, Empress Njamah, Chika Ike, Queen Nwokoye, Goldie while Ghanaian actress, Yvonee Nelson played the role of the chief bridesmaid. More pics will be uploaded later, enjoy and submit your comments...


"The decision of the church to go ahead with the wedding despite the confusion over Okojie Read more »