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Biola Ige and Ruth Eze, seeks fame over controversial semi-nude photo

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#NollywoodGist: It seems Biola Ige and her friend Ruth Eze are seeking fame over the controversial semi-nude photo that went viral few days ago, which shows Muna Obiekwe tasting Biola's melons on movie set but in what appears to be a scene that was unscripted, NMN is reporting. 

Biola Ige and Ruth Eze, seeks fame over controversial semi-nude photo

According to new reports, Biola Ige is accusing her friend and actress, Ruth Eze, for leaking the semi-unclad photo on the internet which has drawn lots of criticism and attack towards her person.

This new development is creating more buzz for the two emerging actresses, who are currently trending on the controversial section of Nollywood media.

According to, Ruth has released the following statement regarding the controversial semi-unclad movie pic of her friend 'Biola' that went viral on social media sites and Nollywood blogs: 

“My attention has been drawn to attempts by Biola ige to drag me into the semi-nude picture that has been on the internet for the last one week. I, Ruth Eze, has and will never be involved in such acts and I advise Biola Ige not to drag my name into this mess.” -Ruth Eze

With controversy comes fame and both Biola Ige and Ruth Eze are without doubt familiar with the fame that usually comes with controversies. They are both emerging actresses in Nollywood who are yet to achieve anything significant, a little fame wouldn't hurt, or would it [?] 

This controversial story of theirs have indeed brought them some level of fame, be it good or bad; NMN concludes. For this reason we titled this Nollywood gist: "Biola Ige and Ruth Eze, seeks fame over controversial semi-nude photo".

  • Do you think Biola Ige intentionally leaked the controversial photo or her friend Ruth Eze leaked it? Have your say!

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