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After failed affair with Nadia Buari, Jim Iyke impregnates white girl, gives birth to baby boy

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With all the beautiful Nigerian and African women all over the world, Jim Iyke gives an excuse for impregnating an Oyibo woman. After failed affair with Nadia Buari, Jim Iyke impregnates white girlfriend; gives birth to baby boy. See photos of Jim Iyke's newborn baby and baby mama, according to reports. Note that Jim Iyke have not publicly announced the arrival of the newborn baby via Instagram, Twitter, and his other social profiles; giving people the impression he is not proud of the accidental fatherhood.

After failed affair with Nadia Buari, Jim Iyke impregnates white girl, gives birth to baby boy

The African Eye web newspaper broke the news yesterday about Jim Iyke's secret oyibo girlfriend; indicating that - Nollywood bad boy Jim Iyke, kept his relationship with 23 year old Lithuanian girlfriend Dana Kinduryte, a secret. This is not far from the truth, considering Jim Iyke have never shared any picture on his social media accounts, of him and his Caucasian girl friend.

According to reports gathered, Jim Iyke met his white girlfriend last year (2014), and they are already welcoming their first child this 2015 year – a baby boy reportedly born on the 1st of September at the Grady Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia (USA). It seems the Nollywood bad boy impregnated his oyibo concubine after series of flings or one night stand. 

Jim Iyke and his Lithuanian girlfriend Dana Kinduryte

According to The AfricanEye: "We can also authoritatively reveal that the actor and entrepreneur who famously dated Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari met Dana a 23-year-old Lithuanian law graduate in London over a year ago but the future mother of his child did not know he was a famous actor until three months after they started dating."

"Five months into her pregnancy, Jim moved Dana into a newly bought apartment in Atlanta where he personally cared for her away from the prying eyes of media and friends without aides or maids."

"A source close to Iyke revealed that he was hell bent on keeping the new relationship and the pregnancy in particular under the radars and that the birth of the baby was a surprise even to his closest pals."

Considering Jim Iyke met the young Lithuanian girl, who is only 23 years of age; it is only right to assume they had a fling (one night stand), in which Jim Iyke impregnated her. You will recall that Jim Iyke has been devastated after her relationship with Nadia Buari abruptly crashed. After which Nadia then had twin babies for her true sweetheart who was based in the United States. 

Jim Iyke at at the Grady Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia.

According to reports, Jim Iyke kept the relationship with the white girl secret for reasons best known to him. Here's what Jim had to say:

“After trying a few relationships in the industry at home, I didn’t want the circus and misconceptions that came from close scrutiny so I spared no expense and resources to protect this relationship and my baby. This time last year I was in depression over my mom’s death. This time around I’m in tears of joy” -Jim Iyke

One of the complains people have about Jim Iyke's affair with the oyibo girl is the fact that she is so young. Considering she is only 23, while Jim Iyke is 38 years old. 

It appears all these private pictures were sent to the African Eye news magazine, by Jim Iyke's secret white girlfriend. Now, their affair is no longer a secret as the whole world now knows the truth. 

So far, Jim Iyke don't seem to be proud or happy of the fact he impregnated his Lithuanian oyibo girlfriend Dana Kinduryte, because he has not publicly said anything about the baby via his Instagram and Twitter account. So we cannot congratulate him on a newborn baby he seem not to be proud of. A man who is proud of his newborn baby won't hesitate to announce the good news, especially being a publicly celebrated icon.

You will recall that Jim Iyke went to TB Joshua's synagogue church for deliverance, so that he will find a good woman to marry. But after his religious deliverance, Jim Iyke's relationship with Nadia ended abruptly, and the devastated bad boy actor later succumbed to having a fling with and impregnating a very young oyibo girl he met in the UK, who is only 23 years of age. Meanwhile, Jim Iyke is 38 years old.

What words do you have for Jim Iyke?


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    The writter of this article is full of hate and jealousy. What's wrong if the girl is white or 23. You better grow up and be a better reporter. How many times do you have to mention her race and age? Dump dump reporter. I didn't see you mention Nadia B age, you failed to state she's half cast. Jim, you are blessed and welcome to fatherhood.

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    Love what is good for, , dosen't matter black or white love you Lol!

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    He is a real man

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    Congratulation. I am happy for you.

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    Congrats bro, the problem with us Africans is that we like to criticize n not appreciate. Let's work on our way of thinking.

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    Congratulations, u should be happy dat u are fruitful and be happy too is a boy .dear give thanks to God for making you a father

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