Amanda My Village Wife Nigerian Movie (Season 4) - the story comes to an end!

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The ashawo wife saga finally comes to an end in the Season 4 of Amanda My Village Wife Nigerian Movie showing on Nigeria Movie Network. Before you continue with this episode, make sure to first watch Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3 of Amanda My Village, an interesting story. Starring Kenneth Okonkwo, Ngozi Ezeonu, Sochima Ezeoke and Prince Nwafor as main actors. The video is brought to you courtesy NollywoodCityTV on YouTube.

Movie Synopsis: Cover up, faith, determination, perseverance, hope, deceit, love, is the theme of this beautiful, thought provoking story in a rural and urban setting. This story revolves round Amanda (Sochima Ezeoke) a beautiful, young, devoted Christian girl with evil cover up who encounters various predicaments that becomes a serious threat to her evil deeds. However, this story hits its peak with the demonstration of her resilient attitude towards upholding her faith. The intriguing season 2 movie (Amanda My Village Wife Nigerian Movie) will keep you at the edge.

Reactions to Season 4 of: Amanda My Village Wife
  • " I think this is a nice story of love, endurance, redemption, and trust. I don't think the character Chioma was a fake friend; I think she is someone caught in a particular lifestyle and unable to see possibilities beyond it. All she knew was the street life and even when presented with an opportunity to change she saw her street tendencies as the way to do. She deserves pity and not scorn. " -KSmall109CAB 
  • "Woooooow this story is great.I really love Amanda n his husband that man is really great when it comes to love.He always shows love from his heart when he is acting.Welldone.Go high " -Emma Kofi 

  • "Wooow! Wat a love this guy is showing Amanda. His love us pure she endured it all thanks to God Amanda changed 4rm his ways. Sometimes we shud b careful wth frds we trust! Happy ending story. Nyc movie" -Jooliiyaa Morife

  • "Finally!! A movie with no charms, voodoo priest and black magic, nor was there any heartless family member oppressing their own love ones....five stars and two thumbs up for this story about unconditional love." -Nancy Purdue

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  • blessing akpan

    I like the movie it make me to know that their is a man that luv a girl ture luv

  • sleekbaby

    I wish to download d movie but no download link

  • cynie

    I love it! Cos i never knew there is still a true love