Amanda My Village Wife Nigerian Movie - (Season 2)

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If you have watched the 1st Part, here is the season 2 of Amanda My Village Wife Nigerian Movie, a movie rooted in religiosity from beginning to end. It stars Kenneth Okonkwo, Ngozi Ezeonu, Sochima Ezeoke and Prince Nwafor as main characters.The video is brought to you courtesy NollywoodCityTV on YouTube.

Movie Storyline: Cover up, faith, determination, perseverance, hope, deceit, love, is the theme of this beautiful, thought provoking story in a rural and urban setting. This story revolves round Amanda (Sochima Ezeoke) a beautiful, young, devoted Christian girl with evil cover up who encounters various predicaments that becomes a serious threat to her evil deeds. However, this story hits its peak with the demonstration of her resilient attitude towards upholding her faith. The intriguing season 2 movie (Amanda My Village Wife Nigerian Movie) will keep you at the edge.

Reactions to Season 2 of: Amanda My Village Wife
  • "All dat glitter re not wise eh huh Amanda wolf in sheep clothing. Perfect lesson!! Even native doctor I'll make heaven but dis Amanda girl I'll never make heaven bcos she deceive d innocent man... after d cigarette nd dry gin she still calls Jesus to cover up!!! Wat a world" -Sweet Baby
  • "The same thing will keep happening to dose men who use any woman.weast her life and later go for sint. God will always pay them back like dis. At the end thier b/come losers. And end up fetching water with are basket. My advice for you men always live with the devil you no . same to the women don't use any body daughter or son.plzzzzz be careful. " -Rhoha Richards

  • "Wow this is interesting girls can pretend a lot plz this a good lesson to all men and women" -Ella Ogbunuju
  • Title: Amanda My Village Wife Nigerian Movie (Part 2)
  • CAST: Kenneth Okonkwo, Ngozi Ezeonu, Sochima Ezeoke, Prince Nwafor
  • Genre: Religious Drama
  • Director: Sunny Nnajiude
  • Producer: Sunny Collins Nwatu
  • Distributor: NollywoodCityTV

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