Amanda My Village Wife Nigerian Movie - (Season 1)

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Nollywood and religious movies sef! Amanda My Village Wife Nigerian Movie, is a movie rooted in religiosity from beginning to end. Starring Kenneth Okonkwo, Ngozi Ezeonu, Sochima Ezeoke and Prince Nwafor as main characters.The video is brought to you courtesy NollywoodCityTV on YouTube. The movie continues in Season 2.

Movie Synopsis: Cover up, faith, determination, perseverance, hope, deceit, love, is the theme of this beautiful, thought provoking story in a rural and urban setting. This story revolves round Amanda (Sochima Ezeoke) a beautiful, young, devoted Christian girl with evil cover up who encounters various predicaments that becomes a serious threat to her evil deeds. However, this story hits its peak with the demonstration of her resilient attitude towards upholding her faith. The intriguing season 1 movie (Amanda My Village Wife Nigerian Movie) will keep you at the edge.

Reactions to the Movie: Amanda My Village Wife
  • "Cigarette is not a sin but dangerous for health. I don't understand why she always do sign of the cross anytime she buys cigarette nawaoooo" -Amy Okoh
  • "How strange? She buys cigarrette then makes the sign of the cross, how hyprocritical? What kind of nonsense is that? Nawaooo!  That's the problem with religion and not a true relationship with God.   Nice color Billy goat @ 29:15   I thought the Billy goat was coming to her for prayers. LOL  Beautiful church building tho.   Prince Okafor played character Phillip very well. Kenneth looking good, lean & trim!" -Princessable
  • "i had to stop it n comment so she just say that she dont tell stranger her name and the person who gave her a ride was stranger but so enjoyed the ride but she cant tell him her name ... na woooow" -Bianca Justice
  • Title: Amanda My Village Wife Nigerian Movie
  • CAST: Kenneth Okonkwo, Ngozi Ezeonu, Sochima Ezeoke, Prince Nwafor
  • Genre: Religious Drama
  • Director: Sunny Nnajiude
  • Producer: Sunny Collins Nwatu
  • Distributor: NollywoodCityTV

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