Aje Kan Nigerian Yoruba Movie - [with English Subtitles]

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Ewa wo Aje Kan Yoruba Movie ni ile Nigeria Movie Network. Aje Kan Yoruba movie stars Muyiwa Ademola, Morenike Alausa, Abolanla Abdulsalam, Tope Saint, and Ladi Folarin. Watch, comment and share with friends online. Video courtesy Araba TV, via Yorubahood channel. The movie is subtitled in English. 

Aje Kan Storyline: A man is to identify the witch in his life between his wife, daughter, sister and mother when situations began to have a negative turn around in his life. It is at this trying time his wife, sister, daughter and mother starts to act and behave weird like a witch. But among them is a witch. Guess who? Aje Kan. 

  • Title: Aje Kan Nigerian Yoruba Movie 
  • Genre: Yoruba Drama 
  • Story by: Okiki Afolayan
  • Costumier: Tope Falolu 
  • Producer: Ladi Folarin 
  • Director: Okiki Afolayan 

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