A Clip from Edge of Paradise Nigerian Soap Opera

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Here's a Clip from Edge of Paradise Nigerian Soap Opera by M-NET, briefly showing on Nigeria's Movie Network.

This ambitious family drama reaches out to traditional soap-opera audiences and viewers who yearn for a TV drama series that touches on the real conflicts that people face in today’s Nigeria. Edge of Paradise is the story of a contemporary Nigerian family. It chronicles their triumphs and losses, pain and gain, moments of quiet satisfaction and bleak times when all seems lost.

But one thing is constant, binding this family together: love for each other. Through it they see that hope is a gift that keeps them going and enables them always to look forward to the next day’s promise. The series is not a diatribe about the problems of living in Nigeria. Rather, it is a funny, often reflective look at the country, studded with sharp dialogue. Ultimately, through their intense story-line the filmmakers have created a remarkably acute reflection of Nigeria reality.

We've been getting few requests to bring Edge of Paradise episodes to our network, and we're currently working on it.

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