120 Million Naira, a short movie by Vining Ogu

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120 Million Naira, is a short movie by Vining Ogu showcased on Nigeria Movie Network for your entertainment. The movie boasts crispy clear pictures and an interesting story depicting the height of greed that exists within a family. After watching the short movie, we ask that you tell us what you think of it in the comments below, so the film-maker (Vining Ogu) would know what you think of his work. See more details about 120 Million movie below. 

Synopsis: A poor father dies at the verge of revealing where he kept his life savings of N120 million to his children. A lot ensue as the greedy children battle to no avail in order to bring back their father to life and unravel the secret. Alas! He was never even dead at first.

Inspired by a popular African joke that made wave on the social media, with a blend of some classic western movie soundtrack tunes, you would LUSH - "Laugh Until Something Happens".

Starring: Broda Bossman, Lisar N.J. Kanu, Abuchi Val Ugochukwu, Jude Orji, Obinna Kelvin Ibiam, Jeremiah Opara, Martha-Dora Dike and Ugonna Ihesiene.

Written, Produced and directed by Vining Ogu (@ThisExperience)


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